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When I sign in the iPad says “Access Code not found”

Let’s suppose you have set up a Staff Visitor Type using registered visitor codes. If a Staff member tries to sign in and has not been correctly registered in the Registered Visitor listing then you will get the error “Access Code not found“.

To remedy this situation:

1. Check that the missing code is associated with a Visitor Type that can accept registered visitor codes. Refer to the article: How do I create a Registered Visitor? (step 3 onwards).

2. Sometimes a record may slip into the Non-registered Visitors section. On the Registered Visitors page (blue sidebar menu), click the grey Show Non-Registered Visitors button and the listing will enlarge to show them in a separate section underneath.

Scroll down and if you search by name or visitor code, you should be able to locate the record. You may well notice that it has the incorrect Visitor Type or the name has gone missing.

Once the edit is done, the record should return to the Registered Visitors section and the visitor code will become usable again.


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