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Add Coronavirus Information & Questionnaire to a Form

Additional text and fields relating to the Coronavirus can be added to your existing Forms. This new content might be just instructional text (Text Blocks) or require a response from a visitor (eg: Radio Buttons).

The screencast above gives an example of making such an edit (where multiple Text Blocks and Radio Button Fields are added).

1. This help article will assist you in adding Text Blocks to your Form

2. To add Radio Buttons to your Form, please refer to this help article.

Additional Resource


Sending admin changes to the iPad

Go to the Configuration > Terminals page of your admin and push the changes to the iPad by clicking the blue Send Configuration button. More info here. The field should show in a few moments on your iPad.

If by chance, the iPad hasn’t updated, try the following:

• Exit Guided Access (if enabled).
• Whilst still in VPass, double-click the iPad’s “Home” button.
• A series of thumbnail images representing your open Apps will come up.
• Flick the one for VPass upwards. This closes VPass.
• Return to the home screen by clicking the iPad’s “Home” button once.
• Re-open VPass
• Hopefully any admin changes will now be showing.

Failing all the above, a deactivation and reactivation will most likely force the changes.


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