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iPad is not updating changes made in the admin

Depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi network, your iPad may take time to update changes made in the admin. To force the changes, you could try the steps listed below.

1. To update the changes on the iPad, go to Configuration (top bar menu) > Terminals (side bar menu) and click the Send Configuration button (2) for the relevant terminal. The VPass App should then update within a few moments.


Another method is to:

1. Exit Guided Access (if enabled).
2. Whilst still in VPass, double-click the iPad’s “Home” button.
3. A series of thumbnail images representing your open Apps will come up.
4. Flick the one for VPass upwards. This closes VPass.
5. Return to the home screen by clicking the iPad’s “Home” button once.
6. Re-open VPass
7. Hopefully any admin changes will now be showing.

If the iPad is still not updating try deactivating and reactivating your iPad.


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